2-9 Players, Ages 12+

Texas Hold'em

Make the best possible five-card poker hand using your hole cards and the community cards

Sounds cool! How do I play?

In Texas Hold'em, each player is given two cards (hole cards).

After each round, players are given an option to raise, call, check, or fold depending on how confident you are in your hand.
Here's how to play on our platform:
How do I win?

You can win in two ways:

Have the best possible hand when the 5 community cards are shown in the game board


Make your opponents fold through intimidation (or other fun strategies) and become the last active player
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In Texas Hold'em, each player is given two cards (hole cards).

When it is your turn, you have the option to fold, call, all-in, or raise depending on the round.
Clicking raise increases the current bet by an amount of your choice. This amount must not exceed your current balance.
Clicking check advances your turn without affecting the bet or your balance.
You can only click check when there is no bet in the current round.
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Clicking call matches your bet to the game's current bet. This makes your bet the equal to the highest bet of the game.
The other two options available to a player are All-in and Fold. These actions can only be done once in a given round. 
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Choosing to click all-in means that you place your entire balance into the main betting pool (pot).
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Choosing to  click fold means you are out for the entire round. Once you fold, you cannot have any claims to the pot, and you won't be required to put any more of your balance into the pot.
Onto point counting...

To evaluate hand strength, simply see which of the decks below match yours!