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3-6 Players, Ages 13+


You are the head of a powerful family in a city run by a corrupt and weak court. Your objective is to destroy the influence of other families through bribery and manipulation. Be the last family standing!

Sounds cool! How do I play?

coup icon.png
In Coup, you must drive all other competitors into exile by eliminating their influences.
How do I win?

Use your coins and influence to eliminate the influences of other opponents while also protecting your own influences.
Here's how to play Coup on our platform:
At the start of each game, each character has 2 coins and 2 face-down influences. These influences are hidden, and represented as question marks (?) in the shared screen to other players unless they were previously revealed.
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This game is played in turns. 

During each turn, a player chooses 1 action to complete.
There are general actions, and character specific actions, which means you have to be on the lookout for what your opponents choose to do each round, since they might be bluffing.
General Actions:

Collecting income
  • Take 1 coin from the treasury

Foreign Aid

  • Take 2 coins from the treasury

  • This action can be blocked by The Duke


  • Pay 7 coins to the treasury and launch a coup against another player. This player immediately loses an influence of their choice. 

  • If a player starts a round with 10 or more coins, they MUST launch a coup.

General actions are not character specific, and cannot be challenged.
Character Specific Actions:





Tax: Takes 3 coins from the treasury

Can block another player from collecting foreign aid

assassin circle_edited.png


Assassinate: Pay 3 coins to the treasury and assassinate another player

Does not have the ability to counteract any action

Screen Shot 2022-07-20 at 10.38_edited.png


Steal: Steal 2 coins from another player

Captain can also block stealing

Screen Shot 2022-07-20 at 10.47.08.png


Exchange: Can exchange your current character cards. You will receive 4 random character cards, and you must choose which if the 2, if any, you do NOT want on your hand.

Blocks stealing

Screen Shot 2022-07-20 at 10_edited.png


Does not have any special actions

Can block assassination, but only if the player claiming to have the contessa is the one being assassinated

Special Events:

Challenged when innocent: If your actions or counteractions are challenged by another player, and you show the relevant character card, the other player loses their influence. You return the relevant character card, and receive a new one in return

Dangers of Assassination: if you challenge an assassin used against you and lose the challenge, you will lose 1 influence for the lost challenge and then 1 influence for the successful assassination launched against you.


 if you bluff about having the Contessa to block an assassination attempt and are challenged, you will lose 1 influence for the lost challenge, and then lose 1 influence for the successful assassination launched against you.


Even if you do not have the relevant character influence, you can still play their character specific actions and counteractions in any round.

For example, if you do not have a duke, you can still collect tax.


If you are being assassinated and do not have contessa, you can still counteract the assassination.  

Beware, although lying and bluffing are essential to the game, any other player can challenge your actions if they think you are lying, and do not have the specific character

If your bluff is challenged:

you must show the relevant influence. If you do not have it, you lose an influence of your choice automatically.

Calling Bluffs / Challenges

If you believe an opponent is lying about their influences, you can challenge their actions during their turn. 

You can also challenge another player's counteractions.

If you win the challenge: 

this means the challenged player did not have the relevant character. They automatically lose an influence.

If you lose the challenge:

this means the challenged player showed the relevant character. You automatically lose an influence.

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