For the Love of the Game

We have a simple goal: make traditional board games more accessible and more fun.

Our mission is to make the traditional tabletop board game experience more accessible. We do this by transforming your smart phone to a game controller and a shared screen to the game board. 

Hate confusing game manuals? We did too. So we made walk-through game tutorials that makes learning new games quick and easy. Hate feeling like you always need to buy new games? We did too. All our games are free to play online! All you need is a phone and a shared screen.

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We’re based in Evanston, Il

Our team designing a digital board game

Our startup journey begins in the Garage at Northwestern University, a university startup incubator. With our headquarters in Evanston, we are leveraging the power of on-campus resources with connections to both San Francisco and NYC. 

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It takes a lead of faith to find something game changing.