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A New Way to Play
Board Games

Digital board games at the click of a button.

Playing is  Simple

Are you with your friends? Good. Pull out your phones, grab a computer or laptop, and let's get started.


Find a board game on our website.


Create a game and have everyone in your party scan the QR code.


Wait for everyone to join, then click Start!

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Flip the Dog!

Casual, Family Fun

Fast, rapid-style card game. Pass the sushi around, but keep the best for yourself. Save room for dessert!

2-5 Players

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Texas Hold'em

Casual, competitive fun

Bet aggressively (or not) in this fun and unique variation of Poker.

2-5 Players

*BearRoom does not condone online gambling

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A Multi-Device Experience

Board games are meant to be played together.  Play on a shared screen and see those priceless reactions.

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Social Deception

Manipulate, bluff, and bribe your way to power in this fun social deception game.

3-6 Players

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Creating Interactive Board Games for Friends and Families


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